What is this bit?

This is my settings journal, they may work for you, they may not. Every printer and sensor is different and so there's no way to accurately say "this is the temp you need to use" however general observations like above and below the baseline should be transferable. I consider baseline as 210 on the extruder for PLA at 0.15 layer height.

Filament Properties

BrandModelMaterialDiameterTrue DiameterColourHot-end TempBed TempAdditions
Rigid.inkPLAPLA2.852.85Black+360Video | Video| Image
Rigid.inkPLAPLA2.852.85Light Blue060
Proto-PastaProto-Pasta Polishable SteelPLA2.852.84Polishable Steel+560
Proto-PastaProto-Pasta Carbon FibrePLA2.852.84Carbon fibre+360
FormfuturaFormutura PVAPVA2.852.85Creamy065Review
FormfuturaFormutura Easyfil PLAPLA2.852.85Black-560Review
3D Prima3D Prima Gold ABSABS1.751.75Gold0110Video
ZiroMarble PLAPLA1.751.75Marble00