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PSVR 3D Printed Stand in Emvio Cool Blue

Love this #functionalprint. Needed a holder for my bargain PSVR kit. Used @emvioeng Chroma Cool Blue – both parts printed perfectly first time. @dazkeirle @EmvioEng @Raise3D #3dprinting #psvr #playstation #raise3d #pla #maker...

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Testing the vibrant Emvio Pink PLA with a non-wasteful test print

George from over at Emvio Engineering was kind enough to give me a few samples of his new Emvio Engineering filament range. The samples are only about 50g in weight, and being bowden means you lose a fair bit on the route from the extruder and the hotened so with the remainder you really have to be sensible if you’re going to make something that is functional and also useful for calibration. I’d given this some thought and also done quite a lot of searching, I didn’t wanna create maker coins, as they were mostly clutter and given my...

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Emvio Engineering – Chroma PLA – 2.85 – Orange Review

First thoughts A new challenger emerges to take the title of best PLA. This time it’s not from China it’s from Emvio Engineering, a Bristol based company sourcing straight out of Europe. The filament itself is packaged in a nicely printed box, with a nice clear spool and a great wind to it. The overall texture of the filament feels very smooth, the particles or colour / pigment are clearly very small and have no texture at all, unlike some other brands which give a granular feel. Testing with the calipers I was getting bang on 2.85mm from multiple...

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(Forced to) print all new hotend cooling assembly (fans) after catastrophe

This should serve as a lesson to all. When you remove your hotend etc. for cleaning or maintenance, remember to tighten all the screws, and maybe remember to actually put them all back in. A week or so ago I started a print of a character from worms in white PLA. Nothing unusual. Sliced in Ideamaker which I’ve been playing with for a while now but other than that a pretty standard print. I record everything that goes on with my printer, to either monitor from another room or to troubleshoot after the fact. About an hour and a...

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Bag Clips – Functional 3D Printing #2

Bag Clips are one of the uses for 3D printing that my wife ‘gets’. We have quite a few of them around the house. you can never have too many and they can be easily 3D printed in just a few minutes (or hours if your want the quality). They cost nothing but can help keep all of that expensive food you’ve bought fresh. 3D Printing the Bag Clips One of the designs I frequently go back to is this one, I like it because it has a working live hinge that doesn’t require any supports. You need...

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