Resin printers are uber messy, and so unlike FDM much of what you’ll need is to do with containing the otherwise dangerous chemicals.

So, here’s a short list of everything I use on a daily basis with my D7. YMMV but this keeps me clean and my resin tip top.


Nitrile gloves 

Always have a pair of these on. While resin doesn’t seem to affect my skin, the flavour of it seeps in and so unless I wear gloves, even after washing extensively I’ll still get that acrid flavour unless. URGHH.

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Paper towels

You could use kitchen roll, but you then have to touch virgin pieces to rip off the bit you want to use. I find these napkins to be awesome.

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ISO, Isopropol Alcohol, IPA

You will need a bunch of this, buy it in 5l flaggans to save costs if you can. You’re gonna want to use it for general cleaning (with towels) and for soaking parts.

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An old toothbrush

Perfect for brushing off uncured resin, make sure it’s soft bristled.


Fruit / Vegetable strainer pots

I love these, they make it really easy to make the part from the IPA to water and back again whilst brushing. I use the Sistema KLIP IT Round Food Storage Container, 1.5 L – Clear with Blue Clips.

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Jay Cloths

Sometimes you need to use a bit of elbow grease and so kitchen towels aren’t quite up to it. Jay cloths are cheap enough to be disposable but tough enough to take the manliness.

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Glass Scraper

The sharper the better, when used straight against the bed this will make part removal really easy.

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Sharp snips

For removing supports after printing and before curing. I recommend SZTARA Xuron Durable Electrical Wire Cable Cutters.

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Sand paper selection

For removing the support residue and cleaning up print. Start with low grit and move all the way up.

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Dental mirror

Helpful for peering behind the print or at the bed before it’s left the vat. I recommend this Vinmax New Bright Durable Dental Mouth Inspection Mirror with LED Light.


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Tea Strainer

Perfect for usage with a funnel (below) to help sort failed cured resin from recoverable resin as you pour back into the bottle. I like this one, the TRIXES Tea Strainer Loose Leaf Tea Sieve and Multi Kitchen Utensil 7cm Diameter


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To be used with the tea strainer (I zip tie them together).


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If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below and I’ll update, Thanks – Daz