I play Xbox in the living room when the wife is in bed. Problem is due to two young kids I need to wear headphones. As such I have a semi-decent pair of gaming phones – Astro A40s (yes, with custom side panels) but the problem is they’re big, and what to do with them when I’m not in the room.

I don’t want to put them away in a box or something – it’s too inconvenient, but I equally don’t wan’t to have them stepped on, twisted or broken or whatever else a 4 year old would do to them.

This was a bit of a no-brainer as I have a nice little space next to my chair and a little shelving next to it, perfect to hang some headphones.

I did the usual Thingiverse search – I’d seen the original before but this remix looked neater and used less filament – lovely jubly.



Unsure of what colour to use I opted for some Stronghero3D gradient filament. Sure to give a nice surface finish and some unique colouration, especially as it’s two parts.

The parts printed rather well, maybe a tiny weeny bit hot as there were a few hairs on retraction, but certainly nothing serious. The surface finish was actually really nice, with a sweet blue through to purple colouration.


Printed at 0.2mm with minimal infill the end result was rather lovely. I just wish I’d moved retractions to a side that you wouldn’t see – only criticism really and that’s more user error.

Here it is in-situ getting daily love 🙂