I had heard about Fillamentum but hadn’t actually purchased any, however some came with a Raise3D I had recently purchased and not one to waste any fillament at all I decided to print some useful things, but also to give it a bit of a review. Enjoy


This filament comes on a nice 3/4 spool (this used to be standard but recently the big boys have started using the extra wide that don’t fit in my enclosure (looking at you This is however only a 750g spool and so you’d expect it to be a bit thinner.

The filament is nicely wound and has a clear spool so you can see how much is left (no length indicators though).

It has a very shiny appearance to it, this should be a concern if your z layering isn’t bang on or you are printing a part with lots of changes in direction as there will be nowhere to hide. Black + shiny = artifacts. Luckily this Raise is pretty perfect in terms of z stability du to being supported on both sides, but it is still setup for dual nozzle so need to be mindful of ringing on faster prints.



The photo above from inside the Raise3D printer before being removed from the bed is unforgiving, yet shows how well it dealt with the retractions, bridging and general layering at 200 micron.

I used the filament to print a few things actually – useful things (as that’s what I’m all about). A dial indicator clamp, a mold to set RTV resin into to produce some silicone socks for the raise3D N2, and also, of course to add to the ever growing succulent sample filament exhibition with a new black modular planter.


The filament had very little warp, printed well at high speed (up to 60 mm/s) and was very dimensionally accurate, finishing with a shiny, flat surface. It did however have a very acrid chemical smell while printing – I actually had to leave a door open. Worse than any other PLA I’d used and almost as bad as an ABS.

This lead to me not using it while my 2 children were nearby as you know, we don’t really know the full term effects of these VOCs yet and it is not fair for me to enforce them on them.

I printed this using my standard setup – 205 on the hotend and I wouldn’t change that – works well!