Why didn’t I think of this before? I’ve always wanted a custom orange chess set, why not print one?

FDM isn’t necessarily the best method of printing such small objects but I’ve seen many with great results on this journey to find the best 3d printed chess set.

I’m going to be attempting this with a BCN3D Sigma, probably maxed right out on settings – I’ll report my findings in another thread.

I guess one of the best things here is how modular the pieces are, you can redesign individual bits, even the board. Anyhow, here’s the top 5 most interesting 3d chess sets I found – with links. For my reference and for your information.


No.5 – Spiral Chess Set.


Only issue here, is the knight looks a little odd, but everything else is quite elegant.

Maybe the Bishop’s head should be a bit larger for proportions, but a guy did remix it to fix that – if you want it.

Would be very light. definitely needs weights.


No. 4 – Alien Chess Set

Then I found this great alien set –


But those little ridges may add extra complexity that I don’t really want. Even if they do have funky full colour spheres:


No.3 – Voronoi 

If there’s one thing that epitomises 3d printing it’s the voronoi styling, and no surprises here that a Voronoi chess set does indeed exist.



No.2 – Micro Planter Chess Set

Loosely based on a Bauhaus Style Chess set, geometric, natural. Very elegant.




No.1 – 4d-Staunton

A traditional looking set with nice features and proportions. I can’t wait to start building one actually.

Of course this gives us lots of possibilities, especially with a dual extruder. Stay tuned to see a new project unfold.


Special Mentions – Vertical Chessboard, aka The Cat Proof Chessboard

Just look at it. Exactly what 3D printing is all about – innovative in every way.

Would be useful with the new baby due and all.