There’s a time and a place for pretty models and figures, but sometimes where 3D printing really flourishes is when you print simple objects that solve complex issues.

I have a beer fridge (the irony is that I’m currently on the wagon) however in this fridge I have a number of bottles of beer, stacked. On more than one occasion I’ve come ridiculously close to dropping the bottles on the floor and smashing them everywhere, as you remove one they shuffle and can very easily slip.


So, I searched TV and found this modular gem. Uses no filament, can be extended and comes in several sizes.

I used Colorfabb Fluorescent yellow because, to be honest, I want to use it up as I’m unconvinced on its uniformity, however for flashy functional prints it’ll do just fine.

0.2 layer heights, 50 mm/s and I printed 8 so I had enough for 4 bottles. Took around 3 hours.

To keep them down I used zip ties at either end. Now my refrigerator is a much safer place. As you can see they work well for small bottles and cans too.

Join us again soon for another episode in our Practical 3D Printing series.