White PLA, it’s probably the staple of your filament draw. But not all are created equal.

I’ve probably used and tested 10x white filaments. White is a tricky one because very often the pigmentation is created by adding granular pigment to a clear PLA recipe, often leaving you with a rough grainy material. This can also cause nozzle wear.

So Colorfila manages to buck that trend, the filament itself on the roll is very, very smooth and despite initially blocking, I’m fairly sure that was down to an over tightened extruder as opposed to the filament, I’ve since printed for hours without issue.

I printed this great little rook model. A mixture of tiny details, overhangs, bridges and generally flat areas which show uniformity and definition.



Filament Review

Tiny details – This model has both a tiny double helix running through it and also a spiral staircase sweeping through the model.

The bottom part of the helix printed cleaner than the top, I guess due to the additional details at the same level at the top and the additional retractions.

The spiral staircase looks perfect, really impressive. It almost looks like resin.

Overhangs – As you can see, overhangs were just ridiculously clean, nice rounded door frames with no sign of drooping down.

Bridging – Was way better than expected. The bottom of the piece has some fairly lengthy bridging and this looks like the piece was supported.

General Appearance – The general appearance on the outside at .1 is fantastic. Sure there are some layer lines, but you need to really look very closely to see them. Irregularity is probably more to do with me dicking around around the printer than the filament itself.


Filament Conclusion

This was printed at standard 200 degrees at the nozzle, 65 on the bed at a moderate speed.  A very good, stable and strong white PLA with a white / ivory colour and solid layer adhesion.

You can buy it here direct from a recommended reseller: http://www.hawk3dproto.co.uk/colorfila-pla-filament.html