• Temp: 227 has been the sweet spot
  • Adhesion: Very good
  • Smell: Very little to none
  • Appearance: Yellow gold
  • Cost: High-ish
  • Spindle: Wide Centre with low walls


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Love this filament. It’s buttery smooth and the parts come out well laminated and with a nice satin sheen.

Have had no clogs or issues at all and first layer spreads literally like butter, this is butter filament that’s what it is.

I printed a Dactyl left hand casing, looks great. Had some tricky overhangs and the ABS handled it like a real champ.

One thing I will say about 3D Prima though is that their filament comes real close to the top of the edge, and so unless you feed directly from within the roll there is a possibility that the filament will slip off the spindle, and as we know, that sucks.

Also printed some quadcopter parts for my ZMR250. Some landing feet and also some crazy engine guards.

The engine guards were to be printed at an odd angle, I was slightly worried but again, everything adhered real nicely to the Kapton bed.