I have found that this one needs to be printed cool (c 200 degrees), fairly slow on first layer and needs the bed at about 65.

When comparing to Rigid pla this is a very different beast.

It’s softer, prints / melts cooler and have a lot less translucency (is kind of transparent, reminds me of PETG).

The finished article has a bit of flex to it, FF even comment that is a feature and so you can chose application based on appropriateness.

I have this, and Rigid PLA as my 2 blacks. Rigid for hard, strong, rigid use (you see what they did there), this for more soft abuse, where some flex may even be useful (glass clips, phone holders etc.)

I say print first layer slow as adhesion isn’t amazing, but once does it’s ok, can deform a little as temperature changes seem to very much affect the uniformity.