You may not know the name Agustin Flowalistik but you will have definitely seen his work.

Whether it be beautiful dual colour vases, low poly Star Wars figures or of course Pokemon characters, Agustin has been smashing out quality model after quality model for free for some time now.

I like to follow the dude, as he is pretty much single handedly producing all of thingiverse’s dual colour collection but this model stood out. Not just a decoritive item, but a really funky functional one.

This group alone (3D Printing) has quite a few YouTube celebs, but in general this way of connecting with the audience is becoming very very popular.

The main issue with Vlogging is the speed in which people want the content leading to either reading from scripts off-camera or ad-libbing leading to chaotic delivery.

Agustin Flowalistik developed this uber-funky little bracket to hold a piece of glass in front of your camera at the correct angle to reflect your mobile phone screen without ruining the shot. Nice!