My full time job’s financial year is April to April and so the last month or so has been fairly manic. Work wise (plus my little baby) I’ve spent a lot of time away from printing, just prioritisation really.

I also started facing a few printer related issues. My support / camera PC attached to my printer was no longer performing at an acceptable level, video quality was poor and choppy – also the way in which I was capturing the images and the mounts I was using were not really up to scratch. Some design and modification was required.

I took a step back and decided what I would need to do to get things up to a quality level that would be acceptable. Rather than buy a brand new PC, I donated my main PC from my office to the print room, it’s job is now to run the cams (and work as a file / media server). This meant that I would be using my more powerful laptop daily for editing etc.

I also printed and designed and printed some new camera holders. These give a new perspective on the print.

I also have isolated the print room from light with new blackout curtains and carried out a bunch of maintenance on the machine itself.

TL:DR; I’m back, with new equipment and new content.

Let’s go.