3DGBIRE accidentally announced the two new printers from Raise3D just a little early.

I’ve known that Raise3D were coming out with info on something new in the next few weeks however I had no idea what I was. I was fearing it would be an entirely new redesign, as that would then obviously devalue my N2 however 3DGBIRE  accidentally released a mailshot at 4 AM this morning that uncovers the two new printers the Pro 2 and the Pro 2+.

The photos don’t give a huge amount away however there’s lots of detail of what hasn’t changed.

The two printers can also be seen in this new video from Raise3D.

We can see that the Pro 2 is effectively the new N2 and the Pro 2+ is effectively the new N2 +. The overall chassis of each appeared to be the same, the touchscreen similar with at least the same interface, the spool holder and side door, top cover, door etc. all look to be very similar if not the same.

One thing we can clearly see the is the there have been some changes made to the hot end cooling. There is clearly a front fan – dedicated hotend cooling, with the two side fans dedicated to nozzle cooling as with almost all printers.

From the renders or photos it also appears the electronics box usually found in the back right hand corner has either been removed, perhaps placed underneath the printer, or simply reduce in size or re-positioned we just can’t tell.

Both printers still sport exactly the same bed support from both sides, however, it would be anticipated that that bed leveling has been reviewed due to quite a lot of negativity about the previous 16 point method (as can be seen here – two thumb wheels on each side).

The actual extruder and hot end design appears to be the same from what we can see, however, we would anticipate that thermal runaway protection and filament run-out sensors will be added stock as these have been recently released an upgrade for the N2 series .

I guess we’ll wait to see with bated breath what is to come and what is upgradable to the N2. The pre-sales have apparently just opened (or will be any time soon) and the printers are planned to be sold at TCT Rapid  (April 23rd)

The links in the mailshot have already been removed, so this is all we have for now folks.

Source: https://twitter.com/Chompworks


Edit: It does look that the nozzle height appears to be different with each material in the vid, rocking / lifting nozzles like UM3 or just positioned that way for the vid? Maybe there is an entirely new hotend / extruder design.