Bag Clips are one of the uses for 3D printing that my wife ‘gets’. We have quite a few of them around the house. you can never have too many and they can be easily 3D printed in just a few minutes (or hours if your want the quality). They cost nothing but can help keep all of that expensive food you’ve bought fresh.

3D Printing the Bag Clips

One of the designs I frequently go back to is this one, I like it because it has a working live hinge that doesn’t require any supports.

You need to be a bit careful of how you orientate infill angle on the bed, as when printing the clip is open and the second half at a 45 degree angle. If you keep things stock there’s a good chance your external infill will be the entire length of the clip. That’s ok for some nozzle diameters but as the width isn’t exactly 0.48xn you may get some unwanted space.

You can print these however you like. I tend to use 20% infill and about 40 mm/s but it doesn’t really matter. They come in 3 sizes perfect for a variety of uses.

These were printed using Emvio Engineering’s Chroma Orange. One of the nicest opaque orange colours on the market and easily one of the nicest brands of PLA to use.

This filament is manufactured in Europe and sold from Bristol and so saves on the environment shipping backwards and forth across the Atlantic (financially and environmentally).

Buy the Chroma Orange PLA here Download the Bag Clip STL here (Thingiverse)