This post will tell you how I created an FDM printed model painting stand (with a few tweaks).

With a resin printer and an FDM printer it’s not surprising that at some point the two would benefit each other. And so no sooner had I finished printing Brain that I started wondering the best way for me to prime him

How to print the Model Painting Stand

I looks to Thingiverse and found this model, it was a little small though. I don’t have a dedicated workspace so I have to spray paint outside (after warming the part inside). The idea is to attach the model to the stand, hold outside, give a coat and return in.

I increased the size of the model to 150mm tall, and that seemed right for most of my small models. Standard settings 50mm/s, 205 degrees, 15% infill. yada yada.

The artist recommended double sided tape, but that didn’t work for me. I tried black tac, but it still wasn’t quite secure enough.

After a few minutes I had a brain wave, most of my small models will have drainage holes, why not create a screw to fit into them… even better why not use a wood screw and simply glue it to the top.


After trying this out, it worked fantastically. The taper allows for most sized drainage holes to work and hold the print really nicely for painting, and also for the drying process.

Now if I only I didn’t suck so bad at painting I might get somewhere with this 🙂

Download the model painting stand