Firstly, sorry for the delay in new content. Life, work, family etc…. Plus I just don’t like printing things that aren’t functional – the world has enough waste already.

Around the same time as I received this intriguing filament from the US, (that I bought from with free delivery – arrived in about 10 days) I also became aware of Chompworks‘ (Andrew Howat) Sine wave based vase which not only looks great but also looked to be a pretty sweet model to test the filament without having to use loads of it.

So, I powered up the Raise3D and increased the model to a fairly large scale (20cm tall), enabled 1 wall vase mode, added a few layers for base and off it went.

I was aware that the start of the spool was a kind of mustard colour, and I wasn’t expecting it to look too nice but as it transitioned into the pink the gradient was actually very aesthetic, very subtle, like a kind of burnt effect to the top of the model.


The Sine model itself is incredibly interesting to look  at, and is quite a lot of work for the printer also with lots of movement in all axis. While there is a vase mode model there are a couple of spots in the model where vase mode is not possible, islands, however the raise was fine with that, even without retraction and it just resulted in some light internal stringing that was easily cleaned up.

Considering the size, and the fact this fat vase is only 0.48mm thick at the walls the lamination is great. I’m currently using it to hold cables, coins, and general bits and bobs that were otherwise cluttering up my shelves.

I did attempt the other vase twice, I feel there may be an issue in the model (or my settings) as they both failed at exactly the same spot but no worries, this has left me with 2 more smaller yet still very original pots (one for batteries and one for usb adapters).

Print settings were pretty standard, 60 mm/s, 205 hotend, printed without additions on Filaprint.

All in all a very fun experiment. Kudos to Andrew for a great model (although I’m sure he’s already fairly praised-out considering Joel also used this extensively in a recent video). also kudos for also including the OpenSCAD files. Andrew also owns Cosplay props Etsy store ”” and so check out his ridiculously high quality pieces there.

If you want to purchase this StrongHero3D filament, with free delivery, even in the UK (despite it being sent from the US) then click this link.