First thoughts

A new challenger emerges to take the title of best PLA. This time it’s not from China it’s from Emvio Engineering, a Bristol based company sourcing straight out of Europe.

The filament itself is packaged in a nicely printed box, with a nice clear spool and a great wind to it.

The overall texture of the filament feels very smooth, the particles or colour / pigment are clearly very small and have no texture at all, unlike some other brands which give a granular feel.

Testing with the calipers I was getting bang on 2.85mm from multiple positions on the spool. At this point things look very nice indeed.



I started with a safe middle-of-the road 210 degrees, but quickly went down to 205 (I’m sure we could easily go to 200 / 195) and extrusion was consistent and smooth. It looks like butter going down, first layers easily creating full coverage without any signs of under extrusion and as the initial few layers were printed the accuracy and consistency was clear in the z-layering.

To be honest this has to be some of the most consistent filament I’ve tried, I say this because when printing slow, and steady the z-layering at 150 micron was almost non existent.

Throughout the print, even with multiple parts and standard retraction I was getting very minimal stringing and one completed these were easily removed to reveal almost perfect parts.



I actually have a few more samples of this to print, and I’m looking forward to it. This is clearly a high quality filament at a very good price of £25 per KG.

you can buy this directly from Emvio here:

There is also a 20% voucher available right now (no affiliate credit here, just a good deal for you): feedmyprinter9071655